The Practice

Dr. Jaime Vasquez founded Vasquez Family Center in 1992 to work as a family practitioner and doctor of internal medicine. Over the years, he has become one of the most popular doctors in the community. In 2016, he transitioned his practice to provide an even more comprehensive level of care to patients. He is now part of the MDVIP concierge care network.

The MDVIP model was created with the hope and vision of bringing more life to more lives — both young and old — by putting impersonal healthcare practices and tactics aside, and embracing a new way of healing. MDVIP has always put the patient at the heart of everything.   Patients as seen as people — not numbers or charts — but unique individuals with their own personal story.  At this time, Dr. Vasquez is not accepting new patients in the MDVIP program.

“I am thrilled that the MDVIP program will allow me to spend more time with my patients and enhance my patients’ quality of life.”
Dr. Jaime Vasquez

Dr. Vasquez is recognized year after year for his work
with his patients and his involvement in the community